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Color Palette and the 56 Excel ColorIndex Colors Good link to quickly get the index colorIndex color to use it in VBA Excel.

The Spreadsheet Page This is the website of John Walkenbach alias "Mr. Spreadsheet". As he wrote in his book (see the VBA books section) it contains files to download, developer tips, instructions for accessing Excel Easter Eggs, an extensive list of links to other spreadsheet sites, information about his books, and even spreadsheet jokes.

Pearson Software Consulting (From John Walkenbach's book) This site, maintained by Chip Pearson, contains dozens of useful examples of VBA and clever formula techniques.

Stephen Bullens's Excel page (From John Walkenbach's book) Stephen's Web site contains some fascinating examples of Excel code, including a section titled "They Said It Couldn't Be Done".

David Mc Ritchie's Excel Pages (From John Walkenbach's book) David's site is jam-packed with useful Excel information and is updated frequently.

Jon Peltier's Excel Page (From John Walkenbach''s book) Jon has an uncanny ability to solve practically any chart-related problem. His website contains many Excel tips and an extensive collection of charting examples.

Mr. Excel (From John Walkenbach''s book) Mr Excel also know as Bill Jelen has an extensive website packed with Excel tips and examples. He even has a discussion board, so you questions and hang out with other Excel users.

Spreadsheet FAQ This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions dedicated to Excel.