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Description :
tRNA Gene DataBase Curated by Experts


Description :
TFAM is a system to classify the function of tRNAs that is based on tRNA structural alignments.


Description :
tRNAscan-SE allows you to search for tRNA genes in genomic sequence. (site hosted by Eddy Lab at WashU)

GtRDB - Genomic tRNA Database

Description :
This genomic tRNA database contains tRNA identifications made by the program tRNAscan-SE (Lowe & Eddy, Nucl Acids Res 25: 955-964, 1997) on complete or nearly complete genomes. Unless otherwise noted, all annotation is automated, and has not been inspected for agreement with published literature.


Description :
PLMItRNA is a database developed to facilitate retrieval of information on the distribution of tRNA molecules and genes in mitochondria of green plants (higher plants and green algae) and Cryptophyta, Rhodophyta and Stramenopiles algae. Currently PLMItRNA contains 615 entries for 581 genes and 34 tRNA sequences identified among 27 higher plants, ten green algae, one Cryptophyta, four red algae (Rhodophyta) and two Stramenopiles. Last updating has been realised in July 2002, by SRS and FastA analysis of the EMBL database [G. Rainaldi et al., 2003 Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research]. A complete description of the database can also be found at the PLMItRNA site:

Recent develoments :
A table of promoter sequences identified, or deduced from sequence analysis, for tRNA genes in the mitochondrial genomes of Angiospermae (Flowering plants) is available in the PLMItRNA database.

References :
1. Damiano, F., Gallerani, R., Liuni, S., Licciulli, F. and Ceci, L.R. (2001) PLMItRNA, a database for mitochondrial tRNA genes and tRNAs in photosynthetic eukaryotes. Nucleic Acids Res., 29, 167-168.
2. Knoop, V. and Brennicke, A. (2002) Molecular Biology of the Plant Mitochondrion. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 21: 111-126.

tRNA Sequences

Description :
tRNA and tRNA gene sequences