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SSFA-GPHR Thyrotropin receptor (TSHR), follitropin receptor (FSHR) and lutropin/chorionic gonadotropin receptor (LHCGR) belong to the glycoprotein hormone receptors (GPHRs). They are a subgroup of family A GPCRs. This database and website have been designed to function as an information source on GPHR-related topics, collating and linking data from studies on i) naturally occurring mutations and site-directed mutations, ii) structures/structural models. Our aim is to facilitate the focused investigation of GPHRs to reveal new insights into the function and malfunction of these important receptors. SSFA-GPHR... * is a database for semi-quantitative Sequence- Structure- and Function- Analysis of GPHRs, * provides a condensed overview of available information such as mutagenesis data for GPHRs, * functional data are converted into unified scaled values to compare and to classify mutagenesis data from GPHR subtypes and different experimental approaches, * provides analyses of data by: focused extraction, comparison, projection and mapping on three-dimensional receptor structures and models. General Aims... * linking functional data with structural data for GPHR investigation, * contribution to new hypotheses regarding molecular interactions and activation mechanisms, * evaluation of data availability (including lack of information) and consistency. New features in the second database release... * a structure-based search for mutation data using three-dimensional structures or homology models, * structural morphings between basal and activated receptor conformations allow changes in amino acid interactions during activation to be traced, * inclusion of double and triple mutations, * improved handling and features for data analyses.