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BioPHP Open Source PHP code for bioinformatics. Includes functions and minitools (copy and paste one page scripts for basic tasks in bioinformatics. A wiki-like service allows modification and improvement of code.

PEAR PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository, and its primary purpose is to support code re-use. PEAR provides both an advanced installer and a code repository. PEAR code is organized into discrete re-usable components called packages. A package consists of a group of files and a descriptor file called package.xml that contains metadata about the package's contents, such as the package version, any special dependencies, and textual information such as the package description and authors. The following url presents the packages organized by thematic :

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor It is the first website related to PHP that you have to save in your bookmark. You will be able to easily retrieve all the PHP functions in order to use it efficiently. Moreover at the bottom of each page you have very useful tips from PHP users.