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MitoNuc MitoNuc is a specialized database of nuclear encoded mitochondrial proteins in Metazoa. It has been developed with the aim to provide a comprehensive, integrated and non-redundant resource for functional and comparative genomic studies supporting research on basic science of mitochondria and mitochondrial pathogenesis. To this purpose the database integrates information from the most accredited world-wide databases to bring together information on genes, transcripts and encoded proteins and provides the users with a query/retrieval tool allowing the extraction of genomic and protein sequences and sub- sequences. Each database entry consists of a nuclear gene encoding for a mitochondrial protein in a given species, and, besides bio-sequences data, it reports information on: species name and taxonomic classification, gene name, functional product, sub-cellular localization, protein tissue specificity, Enzyme Classification (EC) code, gene and transcript maps. For each gene and gene product the Gene Ontology (GO) classification with regard to molecular function, biological processes and cellular component is reported too.

The database is retrievable via Web interface at the following address: It is also generated in a flat file format, EMBL-like, available at our SRS site ( Both the database versions allow the extraction of sequences and sub-sequences (gene, intron, exon, mRNA, 5' and 3'UTRs, CDS, signal peptides, protein) and the cross-linking to other databases (ENSEMBL, RefSeq, UTRdb, SwissProt, GO, OMIM, EMBL).