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VisANT is an integrative visual analysis tool for biological networks and pathways that contains modules for querying and integrating KEGG pathways with expression data. VisANT is java-based, and can be run as a java applet, as a java web application, or downloaded and run locally. The source for java technology. O'Reilly Network's source for Java news and information.

The Java Tutorial The place to go for your first cup of Java.

Biojava homepage

Biojava is a project initiated in the mid-90s by Matthew Pocock and Thomas Down at the Sanger Institute. Biojava was originaly a collection of classes and packages making java programming easier for genomics applications. The last releases offers a real framework for bioinformatics developments.

A good knowledge of the Java language and especially object oriented programming is mandatory to take advantage of the framework. Biojava can also use some well established frmaeworks such as Hibernate.

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