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Description :
The website provides access to tools for comparative genomic analyses developed by the Comparative Genomics Center at the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory. Tools include: zPicture, Mulan, eShadow, rVista, CREME, and the ECR Browser.


Description :
The BRIDGE-based Genome-Transcriptome-Proteome Browser (BRIGEP) comprises three open-source web-based systems: GenDB, ProDB and EMMA. GenDB is a bacterial genome annotation system, ProDB is a storage and analysis system for mass spectrometry data, and EMMA is a storage and analysis system for transcriptome data.


Description :
The Bioinformatics Resource for Oral Pathogens (BROP) contains tools for genomics of oral pathogens including Genome Viewer, GOAL (genome wide ORF alignment), an oral pathogen microarray database, an entrez counter, oral pathogen specific BLAST, and a codon usage database.