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Affymetrix NetAffx Analysis Center

Description :
Allows correlation of GeneChip array results with array design and annotation information; provides access to array content information, including probe sequences and gene annotations; free registration is required.


Description :
ChipInfo extracts gene annotation and gene ontology information from databases like NetAffx and Gene Ontology (GO) for microarray analysis. Output is provided in tabular format and the program is available for download for use on your own machine.


Description :
Genome Functional INtegrated Discoverer (GFINDer) takes a list of gene/clone IDs with classification information as input, and allows the user to characterize the different gene classes in the list using annotations of various types from several different sources.


Description :
KARMA (Keck Array Manager and Annotator) allows you compare and annotate your own microarrays against other available arrays. Comparison of arrays can be achieved within the same species as well as across species (array comparison is based on UniGene Cluster ID and/or Homologene data). Annotation data includes LocusLink, SwissProt, and Gene Ontology.