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Description :
InSatDb, unlike many other microsatellite databases that cater largely to the needs of microsatellites as markers, presents an interactive interface to query information regarding microsatellite characteristics per se of five fully sequenced insect genomes (fruit-fly, honeybee, malarial mosquito, red-flour beetle and silkworm). InSatDb allows users to obtain microsatellites annotated with size (in bp and repeat units); genomic location (exon, intron, up-stream or transposon); nature (perfect or imperfect); and sequence composition (repeat motif and GC%). One can access microsatellite cluster (compound repeats) information, and a list of microsatellites with conserved flanking sequences (microsatellite family or paralogs). InSatDb is complete with the insects information, web links to find details, methodology and a tutorial. A separate Analysis section illustrates the comparative genomic analysis that can be carried out using the InSatDb output.

Aknowledgement :
JN acknowledges the financial assistance from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

References :
1. Archak S, Meduri E, Sravana Kumar P, Nagaraju J. (2007) InSatDb: A microsatellite database of fully sequenced insect genomes. Nucleic Acids Res. 35 (Database issue): in press.