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Description :
MAGEST is a database of maternal gene expression information for an Ascidian, Halocynthia roretzi. The ascidian has become an animal model in developmental biological research because it shows the simple developmental process and belongs to the one of chordate groups. We register some kinds of dataset with the MAGEST database, e.g., the 3Õ- and 5Õ- tag sequences from the fertilized egg cDNA library, the result of similarity search against the GenBank and the expression data from whole mount in situ hybridization. For the last two years, the data retrieval systems have been improved in several points and the tag sequence entries have increased to over 20,000 clones. Beside these data, we try to produce the amino acid fragment sequences predicted from the EST data set. Using these data from comprehensive view, we will get some new information of the gene functions. The MAGEST database is available through the www at

Recent develoments :
Translated MAGEST is a database of the fragments of the amino acid sequence that are translated from MAGEST EST entries. To date, the about 3000 entries are registered in the Translated MAGEST.

ABA - Ascidian Body Atlas

Description :
ABA (Ascidian Body Atlas) is a digital 3D atlas of ascidian embryo development and gene expression pattern. Our 3D embryo images were reconstructed from more than 3,000 high-resolution real images acquired by a confocal laser microscopy in different 30 developmental stages. Ascidian tadpole-type larvae consists of only 2600 cells that differentiated into similar tissues as vertebratesí one such as brain, nerve cord, notochord, endoderm, muscles. By using our database, we can follow each of cell lineages at one cell level from an egg to a larva. Our web-resource will be helpful for deciphering the molecular mechanism of the morphogenesis in the multi-cellular organism.