The Body Browser By Google

Google is providing a new lab called the Body Browser. This new browser uses the WEBGL technology of 3D representation (instead of Flash). So you are able to explore the human body as you would do with Google Earth. You can show or hide several layers such as skin, bones, muscles etc. Then you can click on objects to get their respective label. If you want to give a try to this new tool you need a recent browser compatible with WEBGL technology such as Chrome 9 or Firefox 4.


The starting point is very similar to Google Earth. On the left you have the zoom and orientation feature and on the right you have the object at his maximal size. There is also the search box at the top right corner and a slider below the zoom.

Body Browser overview

The Slider feature

At the bottom of the slider there is a button that you can use to switch from left to right in order to change his functionalities.

Body Browser slider

Left position: You can move the slider from Top to down. So you will make the body layers hidden in the following orders:

  • Skin
  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Organes
  • Blood system
  • Nervous system

Here I just displayed the nervous system.

Body Browser slider

Right position: You can hide each of the layers separately. Below I masked all the layers except the blood system.

Body Browser slider

The Search feature

In the search box I tried kidney and it automatically zoomed to the labelled organ. Unfortunately there is no link to an information webpage like wikipedia.

Body Browser search

The search box has the suggestion feature. So if you start to type femur you will get several suggestions that give you an idea of what kind of object you can look for with the body browser.

Body Browser search

What's next ?

This new Google lab is very interesting. I don't know if it will be possible to change for the male gender. Indeed there are differences between male and female anatomy.

And another interrogation is : will we get an new lab with a Google Genome Browser.