New design

Six years ago, I started for fun and also in order to improve my HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP and Javascript skills. I also wanted to play with the Google services likes Google Analytics, Adsense, FriendConnect and Search. But during this period of time my experience in ergonomy and the design for websites and web applications was improving. And at beginning of 2010 I was shocked by how ugly the interface of was.

Hunting for a nice design

Then I decided to take some time in order to improve it. I looked around to identify a good design. I wanted it to be simple and nice at the same time. I browsed a lot of free design template websites but I never found the One.

And like most of the time when I was not hunting for my precious I finally discovered the simple and nice design I was looking for with : Simple, practical, nice with an easy to read font. His structure : a nice illustration for the header, a practical horizental menu and a main section with his sidebar for extra features and options. I was ready to work on it. I liked it so much that I also used it for a website dedicated to kinesitherapy.

Since I am not a graphist at all I browse the Istockphotos website and I did download this nice train and his books that I customized with some references to Bioinformatics.

So what's new and what's next

Now you have an easy access to all the Bioinformatics section through the horizental menu. For jobs, companies, laboratories, degrees and journals ressources you have filters to select the ones you are looking for.

All the subsections of the previous version are now considered as tags in order to make it easier for me to maintain the ressources section.

According to my spare time I will try to deliver news and articles with a broad scope but always related in some ways to Bioinformatics. Here is a short list of the potential next articles :

  • Get Ensembl IDs using Ensembl public MySQL Servers
  • Entrez Gene ID is the strongest link
  • Molsoft allows you to embed structure into website and presentation
  • Bioinformatics Open Space : Get inspiration
  • Bioinformatics Open Space : Get and Give help
  • My first try to deliver a Bioinformatics Zen presentation

I will try to make use of the Google Friend features in order to allow members to save their favorites jobs, journals or ressources.

That's all folks and I wish you an happy Thanksgiving.