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The Genomics Divisions

Location :Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA.

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The determination of the genome sequences of many organisms from bacteria to fruit flies, mice, and humans is a watershed in biology. The Genomics Division is focused to take advantage of this wealth of new information. It is well known that DNA encodes the basic blue print of life, but it is not known how to interpret most of this information. To address this question, laboratories within the division are developing computational, biochemical, genetic, and imaging methods to decipher the complex sequence motifs that control RNA transcription, DNA replication, and chromosome structure. In addition, complete genomic sequences open up entirely new ways to study human disease, the control of animal development, and the evolution of animal and microbial diversity which the Division are exploiting. We believe that the data from such system-wide analyses will fundamentally alter the way we think about most problems in biology.