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The Duke University Center of Computational Immunology

Location :Duke University Medical Center, Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina, USA, North Carolina, USA.

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The Duke University Laboratory of Computational Immunology (DULCI) is dedicated to the development and application of theory, statistical methods, and mathematical models to address major questions in basic immunology and infectious disease.

The researchers in our group represent a diversity of formal training in the quantitative sciences, bioinformatics, and computer science. In addition, we have had substantial experience working closely with many excellent immunologists on a variety of problems for over 10 years. We are fluent in the language and comfortable in the culture of immunology and have a profound desire to contribute to its success.

We carry out the integrative/synthetic aspect of immunological research, reassembling the components -- molecules, cells, and tissues -- that our colleagues have so painstakingly isolated.

Projects in our lab are pursued by teams working in close collaboration with experimental and clinical researchers at Duke and elsewhere.

Inquiries from interested researchers are most welcome.