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The computer science department

Location :California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA.

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The computer science department at Caltech consists of a small group of students, faculty and staff. The small size and collegial atmosphere at Caltech facilitates close working relationships among faculty and students, and encourages novel interdisciplinary research. Students are encouraged to tailor their programs of courses and research to fit their specific needs. Students often collaborate on large projects, but each student is treated as an important individual, with unique goals, drives and needs.

Research emphases are in algorithms; communication protocols, concurrent computation, and networks; graphics and human-computer interaction; novel computational substrates, including quantum mechanical computers and molecular computers; VLSI, with a specific emphasis on asynchronous and analog VLSI; high-confidence systems, including fault tolerance, program verification, and security; information theory; learning theory; computer vision; and large-scale scientific computing. Projects frequently involve connections with other disciplines such as Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Mechanics, Control and Dynamical Systems, and Electrical Engineering.