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Dumontier Lab

Location :Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

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Research Overview My research program is focused around developing a computational platform for personalized medicine by advancing drug discovery approaches for different genetic backgrounds and predicting the outcome using cell simulation technologies. Research Relevance This research will provide a means to evaluate drug effectiveness given the genetic background of an individual and is expected to reduce the costs of long term sickness by increasing the efficacy of treatment, spare those that would suffer side-effects, and shorten the drug development cycle by having the FDA approve treatments effective for a sub-population. Bioinformatics Personalized medicine involves the prescription of specific therapeutics best suited for an individual based on their genetic or proteomic profile. Crucial to the success of personalized medicine is the development of new molecular diagnostic technologies, computational approaches and innovation in the drug discovery process. The objective of my research program is to develop a systems biology approach for personalized medicine that generates individual-specific drug therapies based on cellular models and molecular diagnostic profiles. Towards this goal, I am researching fundamental issues associated with building a computational platform to integrate the drug discovery process with cell simulation so as to evaluate systemic changes that may occur from individual genetic profiles. This research may lead to important developments in the prescription of effective drug therapies. Current research is focused on developing bioinformatics strategies to: 1. integrate biochemical knowlege for reasong on the semantic web 2. develop approaches for drug discovery and personalized medicine 3. develop models and tools for cell simulation 4. implement hardware accelerated (FPGA/DSP) solutions


Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Ontology Design