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CEU Official Master on Computational Biotechnology

Location : Escuela Politecnica Superior, University San Pablo, Madrid, Spain.

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The master on "Computational Biotechnology" is an official master degree granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. It is a science-oriented master focused on the analysis of biological data in a biotechnology environment. The master takes 90 ECTS imparted in 1.5 years (60 ECTS in the first year + 30 ECTS in the second year). The last 15 ECTS correspond to a master thesis that must be done under the supervision of a group leader in a Research Center or company. Classes are given in the afternoon from Monday to Friday so that attending to classes is compatible with a part-time job. Professors have been carefully selected from scientific groups of relevant Spanish research institutes and universities. Students will be submitted to a equally thorough selection process since a 6.5 out of 10 points are going to be necessary to pass each subject and students will be able to take a course only twice.