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PhD program in Bioinformatics

Location : The International Max Planck Research School for Computational Biology and Scientific Computing , Berlin, Germany.

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Description :

The PhD program is designed as a 3-year program starting in October. Scientific research in the program is accompanied by a training and teaching program in English with the main focus on formal sciences.

Students shall obtain the ability to independently conduct scientific research in the fields of computational biology and scientific computing. This will be achieved by a combination of course work and students doing research on their PhD project with renowned scientists and learning directly from them.

While also allowing the students to acquire additonal knowledge in biology, the course work is aimed primarily at providing the knowledge in the formal sciences required for modeling and analyzing particular biological questions. The theoretical studies are meant to equip students with the tools to work on a particular applied question. For example, working on molecular evolution and phylogeny requires back­ground in algorithms and in probability and statistics. Likewise, most specializations in com­putational biology and scientific computing have their associated formal methods.

The scientific courses will be complemented by a soft skills program that prepares the young scientist for his or her further academic career.