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Location : University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), Newark, New Jersey, USA.

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Courses in the GSBS Bioinformatics Concentration Fundamentals of Bioinformatics - GINF5001 Introduction to the field and its tools for sequence analysis, molecular modeling, integrated informatics environments, and the UNIX environment. 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisites: None. 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisites/Co-requisite: GSBS Core. Structural Bioinformatics I - GINF5003 Introduction to protein structure and modeling. Manipulation, viewing, and analysis of biopolymers. Alternative approaches to drug design and analysis of molecular interactions important for development of novel small molecule therapeutics from lead compounds (isolation of the pharmacophore). 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Bioinformatics Biological Database Systems and Computational Genomics - GINF5020 Public and proprietary sequence databases, the applications that address them, their management and integration. Sequence analysis and manipulation; array analyses, proteomics and genomics. 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Bioinformatics Structural Bioinformatics II - GINF5002 Homology modeling, advanced alignment and structural searching, docking, and molecular dynamics applied to drug design and the study of biophysical problems (e.g. impact of protein folding on disease states) ranging from small proteins to the study of larger complexes. (e.g. ribosomes). 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisite: Structural Bioinformatics I, GINF 5003 or Permission of Instructor. Bioinformatics Platforms and Application Development - GINF5004 Operating systems, computers and networks. Programming (perl) and bioinformatics development within a LINUX environment. Bioinformatics processes automation. Students will be provided with an opportunity to a sufficiently sophisticated and informed vocabulary and skill set so that he/she can collaborate productively with computer scientists and application developers on a informatics team. 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisite Fundamentals of Bioinformatics GINF 5001, or Permission of Instructor. Special Topics in Bioinformatics GINF5030 Independent study and project development in Bioinformatics growing from and extend beyond subject matter introduced in the GSBS Bioinformatics Curriculum. Special focus for Fall, 2003: Quantitative underpinnings of bioinformatics (math, probability and statistics) and High Throughput Technologies (Microarray biotechnologies, proteomics, etc.). 1 to 3 Credit Hours. Prerequisite: Two courses in Bioinformatics and Permission of Coordinator. Seminar in Bioinformatics Integrating experience; students present and critique research papers. 1 Credit Hour. Prerequisite: Three courses from the Bioinformatics Core.