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Neogen Biosolutions

Location : Chennai, India.

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NEOGEN Bio Solutions offers projects in various fields like
Bioinformatics Biotechnology, Cheminformatics, and Pharmacogenomics for interested aspirants. The projects offered by NBS are live and industrial and designed keeping in mind the latest advancements in the respective fields. These projects are designed by our highly trained faculty who are having good industrial and research experience.

The projects offered by NBS fall in to 2 categories

v Academic projects as part of graduation / post graduation courses.

v Projects for working Professional from pharma
/biotech/bioinformatics companies.

Academic projects as part of graduate / post graduate courses.

Academic projects, which are the part of the curriculum, for the
fulfillment of the degree in different streams of life sciences are provided by NEOGEN. The students can put forward their own ideas for the project work which shall be encouraged by us based on the feasibility and time span; else the students can also opt from the
project list provided by us. However the list is provided only after registration. Partial list of the projects is provided for reference.

Annotations Algorithm development
Primerdesigning Grouping of Proteins
Mutationalanalysis DNA probes designing
Structureprediction Genetic chemistry
Metabolomics Protein modeling
ComputationalBiology Database creation
Microarraytechnology Tool development
Metabolic pathway reconstruction Data mining

Projects for working Professional from pharma /biotech/bioinformatics

The interested working aspirants can put forward their ideas and
innovations and carry out their research cum project work at NEOGEN.
NEOGEN provides the platform for the growth of the aspirants having
sound knowledge and grip over the concepts.

Certificates are issued after the successful completion of the project. The outstanding project works are encouraged for publications on the interest of the students.

Contact Address:
NEOGEN BioSolutions
No:12, M.E.S Road, Ganapathypuram,
East Tambaram,
Chennai- 600059.
Ph: 044-22396384/ 044-64991544


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