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Merck Serono International

Location : Geneva, Switzerland.

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Biotechnilogy and Pharmaceutical Company with Bioinformatics activities


There has never been a better time to join Merck Serono. Combining the pioneering heritage of Merck and the progressive spirit of Serono S.A., we have created a global pharmaceutical business with outstanding potential.
We have 17,000 of the finest minds working on projects around the globe as we’re committed to delivering high profile products – products that are enhancing the lives of people in 150 countries. And although our aim is undoubtedly to attract and retain more just like them, we’re uniquely committed to being the best pharmaceutical company.
Now we’re looking for more people who can help shape the future of a company with a combined R&D budget of €1billion, and some 75 clinical trials running worldwide.
Based in either Gemany (Darmstadt), Switzerland (Geneva), Italy (Ivrea) or the US (Boston), you will find our style of working transcends traditional boundaries. You will work alongside professionals with a wide range of cultural and academic backgrounds; people who embrace diverse ideas, have unique perspectives and make breakthroughs that improve life for millions of others. This group has a strong focus on identifying promising drug candidates for multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory, autoimmune, oncology and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as supporting later stage projects.