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Gene Network Science

Location : Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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Gene Network Sciences, Inc. (GNS) is a privately held biosimulation company with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Ithaca, New York. Founded in 2000, GNS creates data-driven and quantitative compound simulation models that help pharmaceutical companies become much more confident in their drugs’ eventual success - confidence that is in short supply in the face of sparse late-stage pipelines, low clinical trial success rates, and budget cuts.

GNS creates superior simulation models through its unique multi-disciplinary technological approach that embodies the best of molecular biology, computer science, mathematics, genetics, chemical engineering and physics. The company provides its customers with models, built directly from heterogeneous data, which contain quantitative, molecular-level insights as to their drugs’ mechanisms of efficacy and toxicity and corresponding biomarkers. With its ConfidenceMetrics™ technology, GNS significantly increases its customers’ confidence at all stages of drug development, from lead compound selection to clinical trial execution.