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Location : Austin, Texas, USA.

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At Seralogix we develop and apply advanced bioinformatics (software) technology and methods to understand Systems Biology at the molecular level. Using our proprietary analytical and computational bioinformatics platform, we are pioneers of a new field of temporal biosignature analysis applied to the discovery and understanding of the genomic and proteomic mechanisms of health and disease.

Mathematical modeling has great potential to deepen our understanding of human disease and biological processes. This understanding will drive the development of improved drugs and vaccines, provide predictive models of disease outcome, and foresee the safety and efficacy of candidate drugs and vaccines. Seralogix’s platform is the first in bioinformatics to provide a new level of modeling sophistication. We ve accomplished this by integrating qualitative data (prior biological knowledge) with quantitative data from the time-course changes of genes, proteins, metabolites and physiologic response. As a result, we ve constructed a “dynamic systems” model of the molecular mechanisms.

Seralogix provides computational Systems Biology research services based on the utilization of our proprietary modeling platform and engineered by our scientific personnel. We tailor our services and modeling software to meet the needs of our government, academic, and pharmaceutical clients. Our analysis and modeling services provide our clients with unprecedented insights into disease mechanisms and interventions which in turn help guide and accelerate the discovery and development of vaccines and drugs across all stages of the drug/vaccine development cycle. The potential spans from the Petri dish to clinical trials and beyond.

Seralogix is currently focused on the genomic and proteomic data analysis and modeling of infectious diseases of high public concern, as well as agents used in biological and chemical warfare. We are expanding our genomic and proteomic modeling capabilities to include many other diseases and processes as we grow to meet the specific needs of our clients.