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Location : Bangalore, India.

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GENBIOS is a start-up bioinformatics firm working in the areas of
microbial products, database design, literature curation and
bio-software tool development. We intend to serve Pharmaceutical, Food,
Cosmetics, Diagnostics, Health care and other Biotechnological
industries. Our team has post-graduates and doctorates from the fields
of Information Technology, Life Sciences and Bioinformatics.

GENBIOS is virtually incubated at IBAB, Institute of Bioinformatics and
Applied Biotechnology (

The skill base of GENBIOS is Bionformatics.

Our Products and Services include designing key, ready to use reliable,
cost-effective software solutions for the biotechnology /
pharmaceutical / diagnostics industry with a range of products and an
array of custom services including Data mining, Algorithm development,
Gene identification, Multiple-platform software development, Database
creation and manipulation, Literature curation, and tools for image