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Location : Lund, Sweden.

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Qlucore started as a collaborative research project at Lund University, Sweden, with researchers at the Departments of Mathematics and Clinical Genetics.

The main problem that the early project faced was the vast amount of high-dimensional data generated with microarray gene expression analysis. It was recognized that an interactive scientific software tool was needed to conceptualize the ideas evolving from the research collaboration.

The basic concept behind the software, which is based on principal component analysis (PCA), is to provide a tool that can take full advantage of the most powerful pattern recognizer that exists - the human brain. The result is a core software engine that visualizes the data in 3D and will aid the user in identifying hidden structures and patterns.

Over the last two years the major efforts have been to optimize the early ideas and develop a core software engine that is extremely fast, allowing the user to interactively and in real time instantly explore and analyze high-dimensional data sets with the use of a normal PC.

Qlucore was founded in early 2007 and the first released product was the “Qlucore Gene Expression Explorer 1.0”.

Our early customers are mainly from the Life-science and Biotech industries, but solutions for other industries are currently under development.


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