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Eisai Research Institute

Location : Andover, Massachusetts, USA.

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Eisai s corporate philosophy focuses on meeting the diverse needs of patients and their families and increasing the benefits that health care provides. We express this philosophy with the phrase "human health care," and continue to concentrate efforts on its realization worldwide. Throughout the company s 63 years of operation, drug discovery has been an integral part of its mission to advance human health care for patients and their families, as well as a major contributor to Eisai s success. Today, Eisai is Japan s fourth largest pharmaceutical company, ranking in the top 25 worldwide. Eisai s global R & D efforts are focused in several therapeutic areas, including central nervous system, oncology, gastrointestinal, and inflammatory diseases. Eisai Research Institute (ERI) in Andover, MA, is the center for Eisai s U.S. research and development, with an emphasis on finding new treatments for immune disorders and cancer.