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Nodality Inc

Location : San Francisco, California, USA.

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Nodality Inc. is a privately held emerging biotechnology company focused on patient-specific classification of disease, with technology licensed from Stanford University and the laboratory of Dr. Garry P. Nolan. Nodality’s technology profiles signaling networks in single cells by multiparametric phospho-flow cytometry. Nodality’s novel technology platform can address many aspects of drug development including biomarker identification and analysis, drug discovery research and development, patient stratification, and monitoring the pharmacodynamics of therapeutics. Nodality’s primary focus is hematological and autoimmune disorders.

Nodality is a leader in the discovery and development of next-generation personal diagnostics targeting cell-signaling pathway “nodes” detected in well-defined cellular sub-populations from individual patients. Nodality’s powerful new approaches reveal the role of crucial nodes in the pathways of phospho-protein driven intracellular signaling networks. These diagnostic methods can be used for prognostic purposes i.e., for tracking disease progression, patient monitoring, and prediction of individual patient response to FDA-approved drugs and drug candidates in development.