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Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery

Location : Singapore, Singapore.

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Lilly is about breakthrough medicines and treatments to confront many of the most challenging diseases. While employing more than 41,500 employees worldwide and marketing our medicines in 143 countries, Lilly continues to earn consistent recognition for creating an exceptional work environment.

Since the company was founded over 130 years ago, we have been at the forefront of many of the most significant breakthroughs in modern medicines. Our success is leveraged by our ability to exceed customers expectations by taking the time to understand their needs, and taking the necessary actions to find a solution.

Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery was founded in November 2002 as Lilly Systems Biology, encompassing a team of scientists whose mission was to develop and apply cutting-edge pharmaceutical research technologies and enable discovery of new medicines more productively.

To date, the centre has discovered multiple biomarkers, that are supporting Lilly drug discovery and development efforts. Several technology tools and platforms have also been developed at the Singapore facility, which are now used throughout the company to aid drug discovery.

Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery is the expanded facility of Lilly Systems Biology. Today, we are a dynamic, multidisciplinary, multicultural team dedicated to pharmaceutical drug discovery in the areas of cancer and metabolic disorders.

Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery builds on Lilly s existing capabilities in biomarker discovery and development, primarily on cancer research. The Centre focuses on drug discovery and development efforts focused on adult stem cell and epigenetic research in the areas of cancer and metabolic disorders.

And because, a lot of our efforts are based on computational scientific research, we develop new technology tools and platforms to support and enable drug discovery and development in Lilly’s worldwide research and development efforts.

We are also constantly looking for mutually beneficial collaborations in all above mentioned areas to compliment our activities.


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