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Location : Gembloux, Belgium.

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Progenus is committed to becoming a leading DNA analysis company.
We champion the development and the sale of cutting-edge analysis services and diagnostic kits by continuously feeding on the latest molecular and bioinformatics scientific breakthroughs.
We perform numerous DNA analyses on a daily basis within our fully-fledged laboratory.
Our motto is “be open, available and flexible to fully satisfy our customers’ needs in a timely fashion”.
Progenus proposes a wide panel of DNA analyses and related services to the Life Science community. Calling upon the latest advances in molecular biology such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), High Throughput Sequencing (HTS), and bioinformatics. Our services encompass animals, microorganisms, plants and human beings.
Our service portfolio consists of:
- Consultancy services
- Routine DNA analysis of animal, microorganisms and plants
- High throughput sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS)
- In-silico and in-vitro development of molecular diagnostic kits (microarrays and PCR)
- Laboratory outsourcing
- Bioinformatics
- Custom projects


DNA analysis, high throughput sequencing, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics.