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BioCarta, Inc

Location : San Diego, California, USA.

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BioCarta was founded in April 2000 to become the leading developer, supplier and distributor of uniquely sourced and characterized reagents and assays for biopharmaceutical and academic research.

Proteomics is a promising new field comprising of the study of protein expression and function. A growing number of companies and institutions see proteomics either as a means of enhancing genomic information or as an alternative route of basic science investigation and drug discovery. Charting a complete map of how proteins act in human health and disease requires several types of analysis in addition to high throughput expression, which provides a general understanding of expression patterns. The next level of proteomic analysis, called functional proteomics, requires methods and tools to precisely and quantitatively determine protein function in normal and disease states. Researchers performing functional proteomic studies will require a large toolbox of well characterized reagents including antibodies, proteins , cells, cell-based assays and other kits to drive their research. Additionally, information on proteomic pathways will be required to stay current with rapid advances in this field.

Due to these advances in genomic and proteomic research, our industry has experienced an explosion in the growth in new targets for academic study and drug development. BioCarta aims to be the leader in the development and commercialization of new technology for functional proteomics by creating an international organization geared towards identifying, acquiring, and commercializing novel products. Furthermore, the BioCarta web site serves as an interactive web-based resource for life scientists. A state-of-the-art communication tool, our site provides immediate access to existing life science research and integrates new data as it emerges. Broadly, this information falls into four categories gene function, proteomic pathways, ePosters, and research reagents. Simultaneously, BioCarta offers an easy and dynamic forum for information exchange and collaboration between researchers, educators and students.

Scientists moderate BioCarta, and the site remains open and without restriction or cost to all participants.


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