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Location : Los Angeles, California, USA.

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BioDiscovery develops and sells advanced software solutions and services that enable its customers to revolutionize drug discovery and diagnostics by efficiently managing, integrating, and analyzing data generated using high-throughput microarray and CGH technology. BioDiscovery provides a full line of modular software packages spanning the entire microarray process, including enterprise data management, image processing, data mining, statistical analysis, and collaborative knowledge management.

BioDiscovery develops and markets a comprehensive line of bioinformatics products capable of integrating the entire microarray experimental process. ImaGene, and ImaGeneCGH are designed to function as standalone products or together as integrated software modules. In either mode they provide novel features and capabilities for automation of array processing, visualization and analysis.

In addition, BioDiscovery has developed a enterprise-wide software product called GeneDirector®, which combines the power and convenience of a database to manage large amounts of microarray data. GeneDirector integrates all the BioDiscovery software applications as well as data from sources such as Affymetrix GeneChip®. The Array Results Manager (ARM) extends GeneDirector functionality by allowing researchers to pose experimental questions in term of biological factors and avoids the need to have detailed information about the experimental process thereby facilitating discovery to a wide range of researchers.


microarray, image analysis, data analysis, cgh, copy number analytics