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CLC bio

Location : Arhus, Denmark.

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CLC bio has within few years become the sequence analysis solution of choice for researchers at several hundred universities, hospitals, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical companies world wide.

The reasons for choosing CLC bio are many. One reason is that CLC bio not only provides sequence analysis software, but also a large number of additional and fully integrated products and services enhancing the value of the whole sequence analysis solution.

Our main software products are these:
- CLC Free Workbench: Basic sequence analysis tools
- CLC DNA Workbench: Advanced DNA sequence analysis tools like assembly of sequencing data, primer design, and molecular cloning
- CLC RNA Workbench: Advanced RNA secondary structure prediction and graphical manipulation tools
- CLC Protein Workbench: Advanced protein sequence analysis tools like protein function prediction and protein structure prediction
- CLC Combined Workbench, including all of the above in one powerful sequence analysis application

Our workbenches are supplemented by a number of plug-ins, some of which are
- MultiLocus Sequence Typing (MLST) for molecular diagnostics
- Additional alignments like Clustal W, Muscle, MAFFT, and more
- Transmembrane Helix Prediction

Our High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions ensure powerful acceleration of bioinformatics algorithms using either FPGA technology or SIMD technology. All HPC solutions are executable both through a command line interface and through the graphical user interface of the workbenches. This makes our solutions the only HPC solutions based on a user-friendly graphical user interface.

In addition to the above, we provide the following supplementary services:

- Training in our software and HPC. We provide both end-user training and train-the-trainer courses
- Training in bioinformatics
- Data migration services
- Software roll-out services


State-of-the-art software, high-performance computing, consulting, education